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Excellent from start to finish

I had been looking around for Bernedoodle breeders for awhile. I knew this was the breed I wanted, but as I looked it was hard to know who to trust to be honest. The more research I did, the more I started to hear about puppy mills. Or I started to see that some of these breeders would rip people off. When I found Atlee, I noticed he had wonderful reviews, but I was still skeptical. The internet will do that to you. However, I went with my gut and after a wonderful conversation with him over the phone he settled my nerves. He was communicating with me every step of the way which also gave me reoccurrence. When my puppy arrived I couldn’t be more happy. Murphy was healthy and happy. He has been such an blessing and much needed for emotional support after my battle with breast cancer these past few years. Dogs really do help you heal. Thank you Atlee.

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