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Happy, Happy, Happy!

I have always gotten my dogs from a rescue or the pound and had a bad idea of what “breeders” represented. Let me put your mind to rest, this is not a puppy mill, Yes they breed dogs but they do so with concern for the health of the mothers, fathers and puppies. Our dog was clearly loved and they only wanted him to go to a loving home. No pressure sales and Atlee reiterated that ‘we’ needed to make the decision.
First night was tough because he left such a loving place but quickly adjusted to our home and is now a ball of energy….then he crashes! We are so happy with our puppy.
Atlee was an upstanding and respectful breeder. He is knowledgeable about what he is doing. The facility was as clean as you could expect for a facility with multiple dogs. Our little “man” was clean and fresh and made the decision easy. He has been a joy and is quickly adjusting to his older brother, a new environment, and new smells and sounds. We are VERY pleased with our choice.

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