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Discover what customers are saying about A and L Puppies, a trusted breeder of dogs and puppies. Read reviews and testimonials from satisfied pet owners, and find out more about the adoption process and available breeds. Make an informed decision about adopting a furry friend today

Nice breeder We just bought

Nice breeder We just bought a puppy from A&L Puppies. Atlee made the experience very pleasant! We drove about 4 hours to get our bundle of joy. He is so sweet! I couldn’t ask for a better puppy! He was well taken care of. He has settled in quite nicely. Thank you to A&L Puppies. I highly recommend them.

Amy Jankovic

Very friendly clean place !!

Very friendly clean place !! we fell in love with Buster and he now has a forever home! Atlee was so helpful and friendly and made us feel very welcome. It was very much worth the 5-hour drive and can’t wait to surprise our kids later tonight. Welcome to the family big guy!!


Excellent from start to finish

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I had been looking around for Bernedoodle breeders for awhile. I knew this was the breed I wanted, but as I looked it was hard to know who to trust to be honest. The more research I did, the more I started to hear about puppy mills. Or I started to see that some of these breeders would rip people off. When I found Atlee, I noticed he had wonderful reviews, but I was still skeptical. The internet will do that to you. However, I went with my gut and after a wonderful conversation with him over the phone he settled my nerves. He was communicating with me every step of the way which also gave me reoccurrence. When my puppy arrived I couldn’t be more happy. Murphy was healthy and happy. He has been such an blessing and much needed for emotional support after my battle with breast cancer these past few years. Dogs really do help you heal. Thank you Atlee.

Candace Danforth

Awesome!!!! We are first-time puppy

Awesome!!!! We are first-time puppy buyers and Atlee and his wife have been amazing!!!!! They answered every question we had. Very willingly gave us vet information. We got to meet all the puppies and we’re all very well taken care of and very well taken care of. Would for sure get a puppy again!


First Time Buyers

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My boyfriend and I bought two Bernedoodles from the same litter named Casey and Jase. Our experience with Al was that he was a very nice and accommodating man. We drove over eleven hours for our puppies and we were not disappointed. I’d highly recommend anyone looking to buy Bernedoodles to buy from A and L puppies!

Atiana Lancaster

Happy, Happy, Happy!

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I have always gotten my dogs from a rescue or the pound and had a bad idea of what “breeders” represented. Let me put your mind to rest, this is not a puppy mill, Yes they breed dogs but they do so with concern for the health of the mothers, fathers and puppies. Our dog was clearly loved and they only wanted him to go to a loving home. No pressure sales and Atlee reiterated that ‘we’ needed to make the decision.
First night was tough because he left such a loving place but quickly adjusted to our home and is now a ball of energy….then he crashes! We are so happy with our puppy.
Atlee was an upstanding and respectful breeder. He is knowledgeable about what he is doing. The facility was as clean as you could expect for a facility with multiple dogs. Our little “man” was clean and fresh and made the decision easy. He has been a joy and is quickly adjusting to his older brother, a new environment, and new smells and sounds. We are VERY pleased with our choice.

Stephanie and Thom Green

The best decision!

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We’d lost our Toy Poodle about a year ago and was finally ready to open our hearts again. We’d been in contact with multiple breeders but decided to go with A & L Puppies because Atlee was so warm and friendly and returned my calls right away and answered all our questions. We live in California and Atlee made the process very smooth and easy from the very beginning. We’d decided grounds transport was best for our puppy and although the delivery time was not ideal they were able to work with us and moved the drop off location closer to our home. I would definitely recommend A&L Puppies to our friends and family! We are absolutely so in love with Sophia who is now named Sadie The Bernedoodle 😊. We are so happy with her and feel she was the best choice for us. She’s so calm, sweet and smart!! Her colors are absolutely beautiful.

Konnie Ruiz

We love our Bernedoodle

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We are in love with our Bernedoodle named Mia. We had a wonderful experience working with Atlee and his wife. They are very nice people and explained everything in detail. We were able to visit their beautiful property and pick out our new puppy. The kennels were clean and the puppies are very well cared for. The other adult dogs on the property were friendly and had lots of room to roam. I highly recommend A & L Puppies to anyone looking for a puppy to add to their family.

Christy & Bobby Compton

Puppy Love! After reaching and

Puppy Love! After reaching and searching through tons of breeders my husband and I finally found a pup that was perfect for us. we had been looking for a Bernedoodle and couldn’t find a breeder we trusted until we came across Atlee! Atlee & his wife were so amazing and we had the best experience getting our new puppy from them! All the puppies were so well taken care of and in a clean environment and we couldn’t recommend them enough!


Thank you A&L!

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From the get go A&L was responsive and professional in dealing with my girlfriend & I, and the many questions we asked prior to taking the 7 hour drive from Chicago to Ohio to purchase Beans (formerly Danny). Upon arrival, Atlee was extremely friendly and very organized with all paperwork and seller/buyer information we needed to complete the transaction. We could not be happier with our puppy and newest member to the family! We look forward to coming back in the future to purchase another. Thank you A&L!

Ryan Strangmann

Hazel, We purchased Hazel from

Hazel, We purchased Hazel from this kennel. It was clean and the dogs all looked like they were well taken care of. We love Hazel very much she was an excellent choice for our family.


Hi, I purchased a puppy

Hi, I purchased a puppy on November 2nd, 2019 from Atlee Miller. I was very happy to see that the kennels were clean and the place was very kept up, but most importantly I have gotten a very lovable puppy who is very happy and well socialized. I was very satisfied and would recommend buying from them.


Our Amazing Pup Kyle from

Our Amazing Pup Kyle from an Amazing Breeder Atlee My wife and I purchased our pup Kyle on July 26, 2021, and we couldn’t be happier. The whole experience with Atlee and his lovely wife was exactly how it was supposed to be if not better. They are great people with great dogs. We live in Tx and with the heat, Kyle wasn’t able to be flown. Ground Transport was the only way. The team at Route 62 Pet Transport set up by Atlee was extremely professional, air-conditioned van, sanitary/ clean, and on time. We were pleased with the whole experience. I will be recommending Atlee’s litters to all my friends and family. Thank you again!

Kyle & Alisa Simmons

First time buyers

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This was the first time that my boyfriend and I had ever purchased a dog for ourselves and I am so glad that we chose A and L puppies! We got two brother Bernedoodles, Casey and Jase. They are absolutely adorable and healthy. Alan was very accommodating and very friendly it made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

Atiana Lancaster

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